"Astral Junction gives you a professional and cutting-edge solution for your business and brand thinking outside the box.

Our trajectory and experience will be reflected on that you are looking for to discover, from branding, logo and web design to photography and visual management, looking for to approach a new level in your bussiness and career as well.

We are a small but dedicated team of graphic designers, web developers, image enthusiasts, music producers and sound engineers established in Berlin, with a strong passion to bring out new ideas and forward-thinking proposals exploring and maximizing the talent our customers have."
Astral Junction
We look forward to help you build a professional but solid branding image.
Gare Mat K website
Triamb Music - Logo & Webdesign
Anahata Yoga - Logo
DigiMediaL & UdK Music Course
Saumeth Music - Website
A la Folie Cafe Miami - Merchandise
Eccus - Logo
Triamb Aleja Sanchez - Release
Live In The Woods Berlin - Postcard
Progrezo Records - Release
Mutam Buenos Aires - Poster
Phoenix Rising Berlin - Flyer
Live In The Woods Berlin - A1 Poster
Astral Music - Vinyl Artwork
Progrezo Records - Artwork
Alex Dolby & Gare Mat K - CD Artwork
Merchandise - T-shirts
Fire Walk With Me Clothing Store - Buenos Aires
Deborah de Luca & Squillante - Merchandise
Tote Eco bag - Merchandise
Merchandise - T-shirt Boys
Tote Eco Bag - Merchandise
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